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Xpress Patches is one of the leading and innovative designers and manufacturers of custom embroidery patches that takes pride in offering tailor-made, top notch and superior quality products meeting the ultimate requirements of valuable consumers. Below mentioned are all the details and insight that are valuable clients require regarding the premium quality custom embroidery patches Understanding Concept of Embroidery by Xpress Patches The art of decorating a piece of fabric using quality threads is known to be embroidery. The valuable embroidery patches and pieces are an excellent way of showcasing and enhancing the epitome of perfection, class, and simplicity. The embroidered patches are classic and timeless because the minute and finest details on the patch can be seen in an amplified manner by using superior quality thread. These custom patches seem perfect for creating an amazing color gradient and for blending or letting single and unique colors stand out! Why Embroidery by Xpress Patches? The traditional yet classy and modern embroidered patches by Xpress Patches are indeed one stop solution for the people looking for something beautiful, timeless, and trendy. The quality custom patches are ideal for letting you express your unique sense of style when it comes to enhancing and elevating clothes, accessories, hats, and much more. Easy to sew on patches and iron on the patches, these standardized patches allow you to utilize 100% of the shape without any inconvenience.

Special Features of Custom Embroidery Patches – Xpress Patches There are many innovative, premium, and specialized features being offered by Xpress Patches when it comes to custom embroidered patches which involve:
  • Fastest Turnaround Time
Our inventive, edgy and funky custom embroidery patch that are superior in quality and design are also being delivered to the customers within a quickest time frame that involves around maximum 14 business days because Xpress Patches not only focuses on quality but also excellent customer service. 
  • Worldwide Free Shipping Facility
Another added benefit that customers an easily avail while getting their premium quality custom embroidery patch is that they can get it delivered to the required destination without shipping charges which not only makes it even more special and facilitates our valuable customers in the best manner possible.
  • 24/7 Professional Customer Service and Support
What makes us distinguished from other companies is our keen and thorough support to our valuable clients by professionals regarding any queries, information or feedback. We ensure to remain available for our clients 24/7.
  • Virtual Proof before Bulk Production
Xpress Patches takes pride in offering our valuable clients the virtual proof or samples to have a look by themselves at the specimen and then take measures to undergo the bulk production after ensuring client satisfaction and approval. Border Shapes Offered By Xpress Patches Xpress Patches being one of the advanced and innovative patches designing companies established in the USA takes delight in offering our valuable clients standard quality custom embroidered patches within completive patches and defined time frame. Our variety of border shapes and sizes include: The standardized and basic border shapes of the premium embroidery patches involve
  • Circles
  • Squares
  • Triangles
  • Rectangles
  • Shields
  • Badges
  • Ovals
For the general and basic shapes of custom patches, the technologically advanced technique of Overlock Edge Border is being used to offer our valuable customers a clean, classy, and elegant look of the custom patches. However on the other hand, if your embroidery patches require an Intricate Border Shape a hot needle cut technique or laser cut border technique is being used for the superior quality and innovative border shapes. It makes the overall border shape achieve the outline stitching which can e quite complex.   Variety of Sizes Offered By Xpress Patches Mini Sized Patches Xpress Patches takes delight in producing custom mini patches for the valuable clients. These modern and innovative patches are normally around 1 inch overall. It is quite possible to achieve your desired mini patches with Xpress Patches to achieve your desired result and custom patches. Simple designs are quite ideal and work best when it comes to mini patches. Normal Sized Patches Normal Sized custom embroidered patches are truly ideal and desired by most of the valuable clients. These normal sized patches are typically sized between 2-5 inches in size. The normal sized custom patches are indeed quite desirable and appealing when it comes to catering to the classy and trendy needs of the valuable consumers of Xpress Patches. Large Sized Patches Xpress Patches also takes pride in offering worthy clients large sized embroidery patches on demand that are appropriately used on various stuff such as jackets, vests or jerseys, and much more. We can not only produce ideal and perfect embroidered patches for you but also help you design and craft patches that are larger in size allowing our customers to take benefit of the added value and size with also extra details from expert craftsmen. Backing Options Offered By Xpress Patches For amazing quality custom patches, there are a variety of strengthened and quality backing options that includes Heat Seal or Iron On Patches, Sew-On Patches, Long Lasting Adhesive Patches, Sensitive Adhesive Patches, Velcro Backing and much more. By offering inventive and advanced techniques and various backing options to our notable clients we ensure that our clients receive a standardized product that is value for money and offers consumers an experience for life by getting a timeless and quality product. Why Makes Xpress Patches Different From Others Quality Craftsmanship Xpress Patches is true of one of the reliable and standardized patches designing companies that offers valuable consumers an opportunity to ensure that they receive standard quality, classic, trendy and elegant products by our skilled and dedicated craftsmen that are highly professional and expert in their craft and are committed to delivering excellent custom patches to the worthy clients. Exceptional Customer Service Xpress Patches also takes pride in ensuring the customer satisfaction by delivering the superior customer service that is timely and affordable. We aim to be one stop solution for designing and delivering amazing quality embroidered patches for the notable customers. We take pride in serving one of the most recognized and acknowledged industries and companies from around the world and keeping them satisfied and at ease by offering valuable custom embroidered patches as per their requirement.

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Top Quality, Durability & Reliability

Our custom embroidery patches be easily washed and dry-cleaned without leaving open threads.

Our custom embroidery patches do not shrink-proof after wash and last long to an extent that the patch will likely outlast the cloth. Their edges are designed to provide protection from unraveling, fraying, or curling.

Embroidery Patch Garments

Hand embroidery patches are used in fashion garments such as:

What Type Of Backings Are Available?

With Iron-on Backing

The patch sticks on a cloth by applying iron. Commonly used for plain surface clothes such as, work wear, school uniforms, etc.

With Sew-on Backing

Designed to sew a patch on clothes, through hand or sewing machine. Commonly used for rough surfaces such as towels, leather, etc.

With Velcro Backing

It consists of two parts – the loop is sewn on clothes, the hook is sewn to the patch, or vice versa. Easy-to-remove and commonly used by police, military, etc.


How To Order Embroidered Patches ?

Feel free to pick among various product types.
You have the option to customize every detail of the product you choose.
Once you provide us your artwork, our experts will handle the rest of the procedure.
Take a look at the order details and finish payment process.
Provide your feedback on the mock-up so it can be forwarded to production.
As we ship your order, we will provide you the tracking code.

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