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Welcome to Xpress Patches, your go-to destination for custom dye sublimation patches in the USA. With no minimum order requirement and wholesale options available, we offer a wide range of custom patches designed to meet your unique needs. Our custom patch service utilizes cutting-edge sublimation technologies to deliver patches that stand out in terms of quality and detail. Unlike traditional embroidered or woven patches, our sublimated patches capture intricate designs with photographic precision. Say goodbye to limitations on detail. We pride ourselves on competitive pricing, quick delivery, and vibrant, lasting colors. Whether it’s for personal style, branding, or gifting, Xpress Patches has you covered. Join our satisfied customers and enhance your patch game today!

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Fully Customize Your Dye Sublimation Patches

Our 100+ customization options allow you to create a patch that looks exactly as you expected… or unlike any other you have ever seen. Below are some examples of what can be customized:

Backings for Sublimated Patches

Make your custom dye sublimation patches look great with custom backings. Our selection offers various unique characteristics to complement your designs. Whether you’re unsure about the best choice or have questions, our dedicated team is here to assist you. Contact us today to ensure you make the right decision and enhance your sublimated patches to perfection.

No Backing

Keep it simple and versatile with our custom dye sublimation patches, ideal for a clean and minimalist look.

PVC Backing

For durability and a polished finish, choose PVC backing, ensuring your patches remain long-lasting.

Iron-On Backing

Easy application and a secure hold make iron-on backing an excellent choice for hassle-free customization.

Hook and Loop

Opt for the convenience of hook and loop backing, allowing you to attach and detach patches effortlessly.

Peel & Stick Backing

Get adhesive convenience with peel & stick backing, perfect for quick patch application on various surfaces.

Tuxedo Clip

Add a touch of elegance and style with tuxedo clips, ideal for formal occasions and events.

Safety Pin

Secure your patches with ease using safety pins, ensuring they stay in place wherever you go.

8 mm Post with Butterfly Clutch

Achieve a professional look with an 8 mm post and butterfly clutch, perfect for badges and emblems.

Benefits of Custom Dye Sublimation Patches

When it comes to unique and attention-grabbing designs, custom dye sublimation patches stand out as the ultimate choice. These patches boast a stunning, photo-like quality that sets them apart from the competition. Perfect for impressing your organization or business, they serve as a powerful branding tool, leaving a lasting impression on anyone who sees them.

Why Custom Sublimation Patches by XpressPatches?

At Xpress Patches, our custom dye sublimation patches redefine uniqueness. We deliver unmatched quality, durability, and versatility in each patch, ensuring your style statement stands out. With our expertly crafted sublimation patches, you’ll experience a blend of enduring quality and stunning style, setting us apart as your top choice for custom dye sublimation patches in the USA.


How to Order Sublimated Patches?

Feel free to pick among various type of xpress patches custom product types.

You have the option to customize every detail of the product you choose.
Once you provide us your artwork, our experts will handle the rest of the procedure.
Take a look at the order details and finish payment process.
Provide your feedback on the mock-up so it can be forwarded to production.
As we ship your order, we will provide you the tracking code.

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